Santa Rosa vs Franklin Football Game Recap

By Caleb Logue

Friday night, the Panthers (1-5) picked up their first win of the season against the visiting Franklin Yellowjackets (0-5). The Panthers scored their first touchdown courtesy of a 41 yard rushing touchdown from Roman Correa and never looked back, winning 30-6.

Franklin, having scored only 6 points in four games leading up to the matchup was held stagnant by the Panther defense, being limited to small gains on sweep plays and short passes. They scored their first touchdown in the fourth quarter following several long gains.

Without Trevor Anderson, wide receiver Andre Duvall stepped into fill his place. The Panthers also focused on their running game for the majority of their plays, rushing the ball for a total of 278 yards. Mason Frost averaged over 8 yards a carry, and Alberto Cuevas scored two touchdowns on the ground. The Panthers had only 31 receiving yards, but one reception was a 30 yard pass to Randy Clay.

The Panthers also completed several 2 point conversions, which had been a key element to their game against Analy. In previous games they had failed to convert these attempts leading to an overtime loss. They also have not had a constant punter or kicker for the entire year, and they have used both PJ Toleafoa and Trevor Anderson as punters and Kent Gamble as a kicker. PJ Toleafoa did have a 44 yard punt inside Franklin’s 15, and the Panther defense never gave Franklin good field position. Kent Gamble and Randy Clay had interceptions, while Isidro Garcia and Collin Miller each recorded sacks.

The Panthers should look to use this game as a springboard to win in their homecoming game against the El Molino Lions on Friday October 4th at 7:00 PM.

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