Many New Club’s to choose from at SRHS’s annual Club day last Friday

By Jasmine Alvarez

Club Day at Santa Rosa High is a day filled with opportunities to join clubs around campus. These clubs provide an opportunity to meet new people and to be apart of a community who have somewhat, the same interests as you. 

Some of these clubs include Peanut Butter and Jelly club, Cereal Club, and Tea Club. They all are held on specific days and they all have specific activities. Casey Shannon, a long time administrator spoke to me on this subject, he said “ Club Day provides students an opportunity to feel a sense of community and to give them a feeling of belonging with people who may have the same interests as them.” On club day, students are able to go see the different club options. There are tables set up around the back quad. The club stands have papers that describe the club, and the club’s presidents, who try to encourage students to join. 

Shannon said “ Santa Rosa High is a big school, so there are a lot of sports, and there is a lot of spots on Student Government. But some kids may not like sports or don’t have a sense of community to relate to in those curricular activities .” The clubs also bring a festive atmosphere to the school. They bring a festive atmosphere by showing the fun they are having and by spreading that happiness around. These clubs also provide a way to help students find their way of friends in school. Some clubs, like Cereal Club, is a fun way to socialize with friends, and best of all, to eat cereal. “ If your a student at SRHS and you want to find a community, check out the clubs, because they are truly a lot of fun,” said Shannon. 

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