Santa Rosa High School’s Annual Day Of Tolerance

By Alice Brookston

On Wednesday, March 15, the Day of Tolerance was held in the auditorium at Santa Rosa High School. Throughout the day, six groups shared their stories involving six different issues including disability rights, immigration, homelessness, criminal justice, mental health, and the holocaust.

During first period, Xerxes Whitney came to SRHS to discuss his experiences of living with Cerebral Palsy and how to he grew to embrace his differences and be proud of who he is. Xerxes, even with his previous struggles of loving himself and his disability, encourages everyone to embrace their differences and believe in themselves.

During second period, Rafael Vazquez came from Santa Rosa Junior College to discuss immigration rights. Rafael Vazquez is a professor at Santa Rosa Junior College, and throughout his time there he has started new organizations to celebrate immigrants and has even helped many undocumented students get into colleges.

During third period, John and Amanda came from Catholic Charities to talk about the increasing homeless population. Catholic Charities is an independent organization that has been working to build better communities and help those in need get back on their feet.

During fourth period, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office discussed the aspects of the Sonoma County jails. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s office spoke out about the intolerance many inmates often receive and how they are working to change that fact.

During fifth period, a presentation was given about mental health and the effects it has on our lives. While teens and young adults have been shown to suffer from anxiety, depression, and many other issues, they provided solutions such as meditation, sleep, and exercise to help with these issues.

Photo courtesy of Alice Brookston

And last but certainly not least, during sixth period, two second hand members of the Holocaust shared their stories about their families devastating experiences during the Holocaust. Their current mission is to spread awareness so an event such as the Holocaust never occurs again.

The Day of Tolerance at Santa Rosa High School was definitely one to remember, as many students got the chance to hear many moving presentations about serious topics that need to be addressed.

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