The 36th Annual Dickens Fair: A Complete Review

By Leilah Sterck

The Dickens Fair is such an incredible event, and you can most definitely see that just by looking at all the work that the event workers have put into it. This year is the 36th year that the Dickens Fair has been going on is San Francisco in the Cow Palace. You can tell that they keep improving by a great extent every year! This event only happens once a year, from November 17th, to December 23rd. Even in this amount of time, many people come and join the festivities! The Dickens fair is about celebrating Christmas in London, in the Victorian time period. There are over a thousand performers, crafters, designers, and builders just to make this what is called “environmental theatre.”

The Cow palace is converted into three acres, divided into different areas, such as the London Docks, and Petticoat Lane. As you walk down the streets of London, you might see a panhandler asking for money, or young girls and boys delivering telegrams, that may even come with a flower, or a lump of actual coal, or even the Queen herself in a Holiday Parade. As you enter the fair, all of your senses are affected by seeing some of the clothing that people are wearing, the sounds of people speaking in an English accent, the smell of fresh chestnuts being roasted, and the feeling of silk dressing gowns in shops, or the feel of Christmas spirit!

Mmmmm… yummy warm cookies and milk you say!? There is so much food in the Dicken Town of London! There are cookies and milk, ice-cream, crepes, and let’s not forget, the sweet roasted nuts! Along with that, there is also savory food and drinks (water, tea, soft drinks, adult beverages, etc), including fish and chips, baked potatoes, savory crepes, spaghetti, meat pies, plus too many other things to mention! There are multiple types of ways to dine here. In some places, you either walk up, grab your food and sit down in a common dining area, or you can go inside the places and eat there.

Last, but certainly not least, entertainment and shops! In this department, there was so much going on due to dances in the street, public announcements, magic shows, skits/plays, and all the lovely items in each and every store! All the shops were ranging from jewelry to soaps, stained glass, clothing, authentic leather pieces, portrait painters, and a clear favorite, hair! The shop where anyone could get their hair done at Adorn Thy Hair Petticoat Lane!

After 36 years, this event is a proven favorite that is hands down definitely worth going to!



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