Is Black Friday Shopping Really Worth it?

By Tara Elsa

This year, Black Friday was held on November 23: it is an event where people go to great lengths to buy as much as they can during a period of mass sales. The term “Black Friday” was first used in 1869 and has been held the day after Thanksgiving. Even back then, Black Friday was a day on which people spent all their money and stores’ profits skyrocketed. Black Friday was a term that came into use after the financial crisis that occured when the United States gold market crashed on September 24, 1869. At that time, two people decided to buy all of the gold and sell it at extreme prices. Another reason this day is called “Black Friday” is because stores mark their loses in red and their profits in black. The day after Thanksgiving, the profits shot up during the sales, so the end of the day was a profit (black).

                             Photo by Tara Elsa

Lots of violence has occured because of the crowds of people fighting to get items on sale. People have been shot because of the stress and viciousness of others during Black Friday.

Black Friday is great for those who want to buy an early Christmas gift or buy something that’s been too expensive in the past, but it often ends with people getting hurt and may be a bad idea to continuously have.

In an incident that took place in the parking lot of a New Jersey Mall, a man was fatally shot and his brother was wounded due to the annual Black Friday craze. This was one case of at least two fatal shootings that took place on Black Friday in 2016.

Black Friday sales apply to Amazon which would be a much safer way to get the things you want without the wild crowds and stampedes. While some people are very interested in getting every sale they can in-store, they can mostly get the same items online. Many images of people shopping during Black Friday look like how the end-of-the-world shopping looks in movies where everyone is rushes in shoulder to shoulder to get to the items faster than everyone else.

Employees of some of the stores that participate in Black Friday, have had their store open late on Thursday which is Thanksgiving. This cuts into the time employees have with family and friends. When popular stores are open with Black Friday sales, they need many employees to work which requires many people to not celebrate Thanksgiving or only get some of the day off.

These aren’t the only problems with Black Friday shopping. The fact that people buy as much as they can of anything that is on sale is an issue, resulting in a insurmountable number of people who end up with many things they won’t actually need.

While Black Friday may have quite a few nifty deals, the detriments far outweigh the benefits.


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