SRHS varsity volleyball team defeats Piner

By Kaylee Rathkoy

The Santa Rosa volleyball team has started the season strong. Their pre-season started in August and will continue in October. Their schedule consists of games twice a week and practice three days a week. The varsity team has 13 members, coached by Rob Beal, and junior varsity has 11, with coach Kathy Hower. One of the latest matches they had was against Piner High School on Sept. 6. Junior varsity went first, and their team members were very focused and aggressive in their play from practice to the matches. J.V. had excellent teamwork and throughout the whole match they cheered each other on. They did end up losing to Piner’s J.V. team, scoring twenty to twenty five in the first set and nineteen to twenty five in the second set.  

Photo by Kaylee Rathkoy

The varsity team ran in with J.V.’s support as they do at every home game. They also had a strong and aggressive approach  to practice and match. Varsity did exceptional during each of their three sets, winning the match against Piner. The first set was 25 to 11, the second set was twenty-five to seventeen and the third set was 25 to 18.

Upcoming games being played at home are against Montgomery on the Sept. 25, Maria Carrillo on Sept. 27 and Windsor on Oct. 4.

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