SRHS should recycle

By Emilie Davis

Santa Rosa High School has always been known as a modern, progressive high school. Not only being in Sonoma County, a very progressive community, but being a very diverse, forward thinking school in itself. So why aren’t we recycling? Being a school, we experience an unbelievable amount of paper everyday, all of which could be recycled. But, due to students abuse of the recycling cans, and the lack of people to take care of them, the recycling program at SRHS has come to an end. The reasoning for the end of recycling is understandable, but can SRHS still call itself progressive if it doesn’t recycle?

For many years, the recycling was taken care of by the students in the special education program. Ron Richmuth was the special education teacher at SRHS for many years and ran the recycling program with his students. Sadly, Mr. Richmuth retired after the 2016-2017 school year, and with his retirement came the downfall of the recycling program. Because teachers already have so much expected of them and have to go above and beyond their pay grade everyday, none of the teachers at SRHS were able to pick up the recycling program.

Photo by Emilie Davis

“I’m personally offended by it,” said history teacher David Franzmen, “California, Sonoma County, and SRHS in particular are very conscious of the ecology and we should be a leader in [promoting recycling]. “We have now allowed, whatever it is–laziness, or lack of resources–to end this program and I think that that’s absolutely wrong” Franzmen said. Many teachers and students at SRHS are highly concerned by the lack of recycling on campus. With a younger, more forward thinking student body on campus, there is obviously uproar surrounding the amount of paper we are throwing in the trash can.

With all of the concern raises the question, why is this issue being left without attention? Everyone is outraged, but no one is doing anything to assist the restart of a recycling program. If the people of SRHS want something to change, we need to take charge and change it ourselves. All it would take would be a little brainstorming and cooperation. No one is against recycling, it’s simply that teachers are so busy, and therefore none of them can fully adopt the program themselves. But, if teachers are willing to have a recycling can in their classroom, and select a student or two to take it out at the end of each day, SRHS could be a recycling community again again.

With the way things are going in our world, it is so important for large campus’ like ours to be recycling the mass amounts of paper we use everyday. We students are the rising generation, and future world leaders, so it is our job to step up and take charge. Recycling needs to be re-started at SRHS. It is absurd for a campus of our size to be throwing away all of the things that we could be recycling. If SRHS wants to continue to call itself progressive and forward thinking, it needs to start recycling.

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