California Concerts in September

By Sammi Bellinghausen

“Return to the thought to the concert where music flared,” said author Deborah Garrison. Music is the way people get out of their messy headspaces and release all of the negative energy out into space. Music has been around for over 50,000 years and the experience to watch live music is an opportunity of a lifetime. Luckily, in September, many different people and different genres are performed in the Bay Area. Some of the genres include rap, pop and almost everything in between.Some of the rap and r&b artists who will be performing in the Bay Area in the month of September are Shoreline Mafia, J. Cole, and Chief Keef. Shoreline Mafia will be performing in San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom on Sept. 8 and the tickets range from $25 to $60. In September, J. Cole will be on his KOD tour and will be in Sacramento on Sept. 4. Along with Cole, Chief Keef will be performing in Sacramento on Oct. 3. All of these concerts will be inexpensive treats for audiences.

In the Bay Area, there will also be some symphony and opera events in September. To see  these shows, opera and symphony-goers can go to the Green Music Center or the Opera House in San Francisco. Each of these locations have weekly events and offer a wide selection of shows. Any event at these two locations will be outstanding and will provide an inspirational experience for all who decide to come.

Photo courtesy of The Regency Ballroom

In September there will also be a selection of hip hop and pop concerts in the Bay Area. The artists performing will be 5 Seconds of Summer, Beyonce and Jay-Z, and Camila. On Oct. 3, 5 Seconds of summer will be performing in the San Jose State Event Center Arena at eight p.m. Then, on Sept. 7, Camilia will be performing in San Jose as well, and will be accompanied by Sin Bandera. Then, for the big one is Beyonce and Jay-Z! This couple will be playing on Sept. 29 at Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara.

On Sept. 15, at the Oakland Alameda Coliseum there will be a music festival known as Rolling Loud. At the Rolling Loud Music Festival, the main genre performed is rap and r&b. The main artists who will be performing are Travis Scott and Wiz Khalifa. This is a two day event which will also include some less-known artists such as Gucci Mane, YG, and IAMSU!. This event has been put on for almost three years and has had many positive reviews.


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