“Run, Hide, Fight”: The new school shooting drill

By Rachel Owen

Photos by Rachel Owen

On Thursday, March 29 during second period, Santa Rosa High School held a formal intruder drill. This new drill now stands in the place of a typical lockdown drill. In practicing what would happen if an active shooter was on campus, this drill enacts new tactics for surviving a school shooting.

Given the policy of “Run, Hide, Fight” the Santa Rosa City Schools district has presented many students have asked in which situations each of these actions would be necessary. Run, is to be used when students and faculty have time to get off campus as fast as they can. People on campus are advised to locate the threat and run away from it, know escape routes, leave their belongings behind, and keep their hands visible for law enforcement. Although the district has yet to create a concrete escape route, the ideal location would be the armory on Armory Drive.

The second method, hide, is similar to that of a lockdown situation. People on campus are advised to lock and barricade doors, cover windows by closing blinds and curtains, stay close to the ground, be quiet, and silence their cell phones.

The final method, fight, is used in a situation in which someone is outside of a classroom and has nowhere to go. Students and faculty are advised to be prepared to fight, improvise a weapon, and create a distraction such as making trip hazards or yelling.

Today’s drill practiced the hide method. Teachers and students created barricades out of desks and tables, turned off lights, and closed blinds as members of the admin walked around campus yanking on doors to ensure they were locked. Although the drill was just a beginnin to better school safety, it demonstrated the district’s active push toward safer schools.

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