SRHS school shooting threat

On February 28th, at approximately 11:45 am, a school shooting threat was reported to the administration. The threat came in the form of graffiti scrawled in black marker in the DeSoto women’s restroom stating, “3/1 the school is gonna be shot up.” This threat came the day after a similar message was written in a bathroom at Analy High School in Sebastopol.

The threat found in the girls’ restroom in DeSoto Hall on 2/28 has lead to an investigation and increased vigilance on 3/1.

As the image of the threat quickly spread over social media, concerned students and parents were met with hours of silence from the administration. At 3:56, over three hours after the threat was initially discovered, parents received an email vaguely describing the problem at hand. Shortly after, an identical email was sent at 4:30, along with a phone call from Principal Coscarelli.

SRHS rather empty with most classes reporting major absenteeism after the threat on 2/28.

After an investigation with the SRPD, the police and the SRHS administration determined that there was “no evidence to substantiate the threat” to students and teachers. School was in session as usual on March 1st, with an increased police presence on campus to ensure students’ safety. There were officers present at the entry points and in the buildings, both in uniforms and plain clothes.

Police vehicles could be seen in front of the school and in the basketball courts behind campus on 3/1.

However, numerous students have shared concerns about the seeming lack of police presence on campus once the day began. Though police cars were seen in the parking lot, many students have been surprised by the apparent absence of officers, though it should be noted that many officers are not in uniform. One police officer in uniform was spotted in the main building, though he declined to answer any questions regarding the school shooting threat due to SRPD’s ongoing investigation in the matter.

There was increased police presence at SRHS on 3/1 due to the threat made on campus the prior day.

Though the administration believes there is no foreseeable threat, many students have elected to stay home as a precautionary action. Some classes have been reported to have half or even less than half of their students in attendance.

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