SRHS Welcomes Kennedy to the Administrative Team

Seamus Fallon

As of January 8th, 2018 Santa Rosa High School has a new assistant principal, former Student Government advisor, John Kennedy. Two of his six years at Santa Rosa have been as a math teacher and the following four were as a student government advisor. The transition from teacher to admin he said was “very challenging and exciting,” as one could imagine juggling the already large enough job that is Stu-Gov alongside teaching life skills and earning a principal’s degree at Sonoma State University. When asked what his intent is to do with Kennedy’s new job title. he answered ,“Try to do the best I can and learn the system and also improve the system the best I can.” Currently, Kennedy has no desire to go anywhere else but Santa Rosa, but he said that it is the district’s position to decide whether or not he’ll be “asked back” next year nor does he know when the conversation will come into play. Just to list a few of “about 25 responsibilities” as the new assistant principal are facilities, auditorium, and other room rentals and usages, as well as control of the school’s technology: chrome-carts and classroom technology for teachers. He will have influence over athletics including presides over all the coaches and games, and not to forget discipline for students with surnames A-G.

In the spring of 2017 former assistant principal James Madden left the position and was substituted by Tony Negri, long time SRHS staff member and former principal. Kennedy left his teaching positions for the assistant principal position in the middle of the Mr. Panther preparation, 2018 Prom preparation, as well as the beginning of the Special Olympics preparation. He passed the position on to Santa Rosa High School science teacher, Lauren Liotta. “So far I am really enjoying the new role,” said Liotta in regards to the transition “I’ve gone from more of a teacher driven environment to much more of a student driven environment.” Liotta also said that jumping into Mr. Panther, Prom, and Special Olympics has been “a steep learning curve for sure,” and she’s  “had to learn fast.” She expressed much appreciation for the students in student government for being so welcoming and for having such a grip on what needs to happen.


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