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Simulation game Stardew Valley offers something for every gamer

Stardew Valley is a fun simulator game with tons of people to meet and lots to do. Senior Miles Beene complimented the game and said he thinks he likes the game so much because ¨I found it when I needed some escapism¨ and went on to say that Stardew Valley has been a great little escape to a cutesy farm town. Another comment was on the games gay marriage feature and that its always nice when a game lets people interact with dateable characters. Photo by Miles Beene  Article and photo by Ashton Seghezzi The simulation game,

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Tom Holland charms in live-action take on video game, Uncharted

Article and photo by Mason Gaspar In the late fall of 2007, a new Playstation exclusive series came out, one that would go down in video game history: Uncharted. Four games, massive amounts of spin offs, across the PSVITA, PS3, PS4 and now the PS5, remastered version of the series. Uncharted is the video game series that many generations have grown up with. This series has sold 41.7 million copies worldwide, making it one of Playstation’s best selling games to this date.  Now, after many years of waiting, we finally have a

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Splatoon 3 expands player customization, retains best elements of the series

Article by Emily Lasley Illustration by Emily Lasley On May 28, 2015 a colorful third-person shooter game made its first appearance on the WiiU, and was loved by many who played it. This unique game is called “Splatoon,” a game featuring fish-like humanoid creatures who participate in turf battles. On July 21, 2017, Splatoon 2 came out, further developing the Splatoon series with its memorable DLC (downloadable expansion): Octo Expansion. It has been seven years since the first release of Splatoon and on September 24, 2021

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