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Should you eat plant based? The Santa Rosan staff weighs in.

Photo by Amy Genolio Article by Jasmine Alvarez and Caycie Clayton JASMINE: So, Caycie. CAYCIE: So, Jasmine. J: I think we should talk about plant based diets, and the benefits. EDUCATE ME! C: Fun (said sarcastically) J: I'm serious, lately I've been finding it very interesting. C: Are you considering going vegetarian? J: I don’t want to stop eating meat… but I've also been hearing a lot about how being vegetarian can benefit you in a bunch of different ways, so I'm torn… C: Yeah, being vegetarian is

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Springtime recipe: Vegan Creamy Carrot Pasta

Article and graphic by Mason Gaspar As the cold and wet months finally come to an end, we move into a warm and bright season, springtime. Spring brings out the beauty in nature and many new food selections. Vegetables and fruits such as carrots, garlic and onions start to come into season, so dishes that revolve around those herbs become far more common. This means many cooking options and variety into people’s diet.

To start off, something I'm sure many haven't had before: creamy carrot pasta. It is very simple

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Vegetarian holiday meal guide

MEATLESS HOLIDAYS A REALITY. The meat substitute aisle at Oliver’s market in Cotati, CA is fully stocked with products made from soy, vital wheat gluten, mushrooms, and pea protein. Many brands of meat substitutes make special roasts for Thanksgiving. Santa Rosan Editor-in-chief, Tara Elsa, says that last year her family “had several different vegetarian turkey brands to try out… we decided that Quorn is the best one and we’ll most likely have that for this upcoming thanksgiving as well.” Article and photo by Molly Murphey,

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