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Texas abortion ban sends women to clinics in neighboring states

Article and Infographic by Rubi Melo The Texas abortion law went into effect on September 1st and a lot has happened since then. The Texas Heartbeat Bill, which bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, has caused a lot of unrest and disappointment among people all over the country. Soon after the law went into effect, and people were no longer able to get abortions past six weeks, women’s health clinics outside of Texas began to accumulate more patients. For example, according to the New York Times, there is a women’s

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Opinion: What the Texas Abortion Ban Means to Me

NOT ONLY IN TEXAS. Malaina Vaden (12, left), Abby Clinton (11, center) and Emerson Guthrie (11, right) pose at the September 9 protest against the Texas abortion ban, Senate Bill 8, at Santa Rosa High School. Clinton said that protesting was important to her because “an attack on women anywhere is an attack on women everywhere.” An hour after Santa Rosa High School’s protest concluded, The United States Department of Justice announced via Twitter a suit against Senate Bill 8. Photo by Isabella Damberger-Sheldon.Article by Molly

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Storms In Texas

Article By: Tatiana Newman Craziness seems to be a new normal ever since March of last year. With major celebrities dying, a pandemic outbreak and a wild election, everything has been pretty insane. Unfortunately, another emergency is occurring in the United States. A snowstorm hit the state of Texas. It is believed that the snowfall in Texas was caused by climate change. Margaret Vaughn-Foster wrote, “I think that the people in Texas have to face the consequences of climate change, and this crisis might help them do that.”

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