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Your Springtime fashion guide

Article and graphic by Mary Jane Alexander For many, fashion is a form of self-expression, similar to the fine arts. Fashion also follows major trends, similar to the fine arts. There are also general tips for the different seasons. This article will focus on all the tips, tricks and trends you’ll need for this spring.

Typically in spring you want to wear warmer colors, as well as greens and browns. Specifically, you should lean more towards paler, lighter or more pastel colors, rather than darker ones. This year

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New SRHS student finds retrieving records from former school in Afghanistan challenging

AFGHAN REFUGEE JOINS SRHS STUDENT BODY: Santa Rosa High has a new student, Fahim Dawood. Dawood is a recent refugee from Afghanistan. He is sixteen and a sophmore. He enjoys playing soccer in his free time and here at school. When asked how he likes SRHS, Dawood said, “the students are friendly.” Article and graphic by Grace Payne Roughly five months ago, Fahim Dawood and his family were forced to flee their town, Laghman, Afghanistan, because the Taliban was taking over. They rushed to the Kabul International Airport in

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Student Spotlight: Coco McKamey

Tee Time. Junior Coco Mckamey practices her golf swing. Mckamey is a multi-sport athlete at SRHS and is a member of the girls golf team. When asked what one of her favorite things about golf was, Mckamey said “I love the team dynamic.” Mckamey also said she likes how “relaxed” golf is compared to other sports. Article and Photo by Grace Payne Sports are a big deal at Santa Rosa High and junior; Coco McKamey has contributed to Santa Rosa High in many ways. Mckamey said “What makes me a unique student is that I participate in

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SRHS Students Engage in Activism through New Clubs

SPEAKING OUT. From left to right, Zohar Kennard and Isabella Damberger-Sheldon, co-presidents of the Amnesty International Club, and Anya Fouts, the club’s secretary, can be seen on the day that students got together to stand in solidarity with the thousands of women who were affected by Texas’ recent abortion law. This is just one of many movements that members of their club will be attending this year. Photo by Shinobu Monraz. Article by Rubi Melo At Santa Rosa High School, there are many new clubs created by ambitious

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