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SRHS Students Engage in Activism through New Clubs

SPEAKING OUT. From left to right, Zohar Kennard and Isabella Damberger-Sheldon, co-presidents of the Amnesty International Club, and Anya Fouts, the club’s secretary, can be seen on the day that students got together to stand in solidarity with the thousands of women who were affected by Texas’ recent abortion law. This is just one of many movements that members of their club will be attending this year. Photo by Shinobu Monraz. Article by Rubi Melo At Santa Rosa High School, there are many new clubs created by ambitious

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Students Weigh In on Bell Schedule Change

DING-DING-DING! The nostalgic hymn of the school’s tole echoes in euphoric synchrony. A symphony long awaited to be played... now half an hour later. “I like how the bell schedule is right now. I think the break could be a little bit longer. But other than that, it’s good. Maybe take some time from lunch and put some of that into break,” says freshman Mary-Jane Alexander. The new bell schedule, which is pinned on a wall beside a classroom, shows when classrooms get out. This has sparked a debate among staff and students on whether

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