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SRHS College Plans For Seniors

Big Decisions! With decision day fast approaching, seniors have started the exciting and daunting process of committing to colleges. Madison Liggett, Josh Neese, and Megan Foote are just three of the many SRHS seniors getting ready for their next years at a University. Congrats to this resilient Santa Rosa High School senior class of 2021, it’s been a bumpy ride but the end is near. Photos From: Megan Foote (left), Josh Nesse (middle) and Madison Liggett (right) Article By: Shai Fichtelberg and Spencer Page After completing

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Making Final Decisions About Colleges

One of the hardest decisions of high school. Senior, Eliana Bruce, gets ready to make the final decision. Seniors throughout the United States are getting ready to commit to colleges. This decision, while challenging, is very important and should be carefully thought out before making it. Good luck to all seniors! Article & Photo By: Shai Fichtelberg As college application season comes to a close, seniors are getting ready to make the big decision. Some colleges have begun reviewing applications and even sending out

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The Confusing College Application Process

Start your applications. Deadlines are fast approaching and this is not something you want to procrastinate on. Applications have been open for almost two months now, so get started. Senior Spencer Page says, “I have been trying to get an early start on my college applications, because I know if I push it off it will make me more stressed.”

Article & Photo By: Shai Fichtelberg As summer comes to an end, and students get back into the rhythm of school, many seniors begin one of the most challenging tasks of

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