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SRHS Welcomes Kennedy to the Administrative Team

Seamus Fallon As of January 8th, 2018 Santa Rosa High School has a new assistant principal, former Student Government advisor, John Kennedy. Two of his six years at Santa Rosa have been as a math teacher and the following four were as a student government advisor. The transition from teacher to admin he said was “very challenging and exciting,” as one could imagine juggling the already large enough job that is Stu-Gov alongside teaching life skills and earning a principal’s degree at Sonoma State University. When asked what his

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Dining with DeMattei: The Taco Throwdown

Isabella DeMattei At the intersection of West and Sebastopol, there are two fantastic taco trucks facing off on opposite street corners. El Roy’s Mexican Grill and Delicias Elenita Taco Truck have some of the best and most authentic Mexican food in Santa Rosa. Some people favor one over another, and stand by their decision religiously. For this challenging decision, I brought three friends along to help. I compared Carne Asada tacos at both taco trucks to try and determine the ultimate winner. Our first stop was at Delicias

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Concussions: Is Football Worth the Risk?

By Reece Wisler Concussions are prevalent in many sports, but it seems that concussions are mostly known as football injury. Concussions is a big concern for athletes in many physical sports, but in football concussions are being diagnosed at an alarming rate. According to, between 1.6 and 3.8 million sports-related concussions occur each year. Many concussions go undiagnosed so it is hard to calculate exactly how many concussions occur. Since the turn of the century, concussion research has made major

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