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The United States Presidential Candidates for 2020

By Zemi Franicevic In two years, on November 3, 2020, America will elect its next president of the United States. in August 2017, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway announced that President Donald Trump will run for a second term. She said, "The president says privately and publicly, often...that he'll be president for seven-and-a-half more years, so he plans on being a two-term president," Shocking the nation, Trump, a reality TV star, was first elected in 2016. Since the birth of our nation, sixteen U.S. presidents have

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Students Reactions to the New Integrated Math Classes

By Alice Brookston This year, the Santa Rosa district decided to switch from the long-standing curriculums for math classes, changing classes like “Algebra 1” and “Geometry” to “integrated math classes.” For the incoming students this year, most took the new curricular, known as Integrated Math. Integrated Math is a course with four classes, composed of a combination of all fields of mathematics. The classes are meant to be a more standard way of teaching students basic high school math, but the reactions from the vast majority

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Ski season: tips on where to go

By Momo Mckamey As the cold weather approaches and snow starts to fall in the Sierras, it’s time to dig out those skis from the back of the garage and take a three and a half hour road trip to beautiful Tahoe, California. Tahoe has a variety of different resorts to choose from depending on your level of skiing and what type of skiing you’re interested in. The most common type of skiing, great for beginners, is casual alpine or downhill. Those who ski once or twice a season should consider renting skis to save money as

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The MeToo Movement in 2018


Zemlja Franicevic

I am

sure we all remember the outbreak of sexual assault allegations against famous male actors, comedians, and politicians last year, as there were too many to forget. These allegations sparked one of the most powerful movements the United States has ever seen--the MeToo movement--a movement aimed at breaking women’s silence around sexual harassment and sexual assault. The movement went viral in October of 2017 as a hashtag used on social media to display the

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Girls golf team takes their first swings of the season

By Momo Mckamey After two weeks of practice, Santa Rosa High School girls golf is in full swing. They kicked off their season with their first practice match against Cardinal Newman on Monday, August 27. The match took place at Oakmont golf course where the girls played a nine hole game. Although the SRHS girls were defeated, they played hard. This year’s team is made up of six girls, seniors Emily Wong and Mackenzie Allen, junior Emily Davis, sophomores Momo Mckamey and Lindsey Graham and freshman Julia Garey. This year’s

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SRHS should recycle

By Emilie Davis Santa Rosa High School has always been known as a modern, progressive high school. Not only being in Sonoma County, a very progressive community, but being a very diverse, forward thinking school in itself. So why aren’t we recycling? Being a school, we experience an unbelievable amount of paper everyday, all of which could be recycled. But, due to students abuse of the recycling cans, and the lack of people to take care of them, the recycling program at SRHS has come to an end. The reasoning for the end of

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Lockdown protocol: how to protect yourself

By Emilie Davis Knowing how to protect oneself is a skill that has always been of value, but it has become more vital now than ever before. With the increased number of school shootings across the United States, we fear them now more than we could have ever imagined, but this fear does not protect us: knowledge of necessary protocol does. On Friday, August 17th, there was a lockdown at Santa Rosa High School. It was a false alarm, as a teacher punched in the wrong code on one of the phones, but it was a shock to all on campus.

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SRHS football team off to a successful start

By Gwen Berghof A sea of orange and black coated the stands as the Santa Rosa High School football team took to the field. The first home game of the season brought a buzz of excitement to the air: the beginning of fall and the new school year punctuated by the promise of an thrilling season. The Panthers lined up against the Petaluma High Trojans, ready to play their best against a new team. And the game was a success- the Panthers beat the Trojans, 42-26. Petaluma scored the first touchdown of the game, but their lead was

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Prom Food on a Budget

By Isabella DeMattei Going out to a fancy restaurant for prom doesn’t have to break the bank. Many upscale restaurants have menu items that won’t break your budget, yet still give you the experience of a nice night out. One restaurant that is notorious for a great, but pricey, meal is Stark’s Steak and Seafood. Located in Historic Railroad Square, Stark’s has some of the best steaks in Santa Rosa, and the perfect ambiance for your meal. Don’t be discouraged by the expensive cuts of meat and side dishes you have to order

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Larry Flor: the teacher remembered

On April 15, 2018 former Santa Rosa City Schools teacher Larry Flor died of pancreatic cancer. The teacher, who taught the career and technology education program at Santa Rosa High School, then later at Piner High School, was acclaimed for his experience and hard work that ultimately expressed his genuine interest in his field. Jamie Poore, a former Santa Rosa High School teacher who worked closely with Flor remembers that Flor “gave a great deal of extra time preparing students for the competitions.” Poore explained that Flor’s

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