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Staff Spotlight: Mr. Sappington

Article and photo by Rubi Melo Artist and teacher at Santa Rosa Junior College and Santa Rosa High School, John Sappington’s story of discovering his passion for the arts is fascinating. Sappington has had a variety of experiences in different fields of work, but it all essentially led to his job now, sharing his acquired skills and his perspective on art with his students. Sappington has taught in Santa Rosa High School’s ArtQuest program for 10 years. He spent his first 5 years teaching digital arts until he switched to

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Mustard Fields in Sonoma County

A one season only experience. The beautiful mustard fields scattered across Sonoma County have gained an immense amount of popularity. The fields serve as a great background for photos or just a nice change of scenery. “It’s really beautiful,” says junior Erin Holland. “I recommend everyone goes before they’re gone.”

Article & Photo By: Tianna Cooke The spring season brings many things. For example, allergies, rain, and Instagram-worthy mustard fields. If you have Instagram, or any social media, you’ve

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