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The Popularization Of Outdoor Dining Tents Since The Pandemic

Outdoor dining tents, like this one on Fifth Street downtown, have been popularized as a safe way to eat during the pandemic. Article & Photo By: Piper Kirk Ever since COVID-19 sent the country into lockdown in March of 2020, large white tents lining the sidewalks and streets have become a common occurrence around town. Circus? Mass fumigation? Or just another insanely bizarre development of the past year?  Since the original lockdown, many businesses have struggled to find ways to safely reopen and continue serving

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Effects of Quarantine on Students

Article By: Katie Jang Quarantine, for better or worse? The pandemic-induced quarantine has led to a plethora of effects and is regarded strongly by most. Some people feel that this quarantine has bettered their lives, while others believe that it has seriously impaired them.  Bear Buns. These buns are custard-filled steamed buns with chocolate features. With more time mobility from the pandemic, I’ve been able to try my hand at hobbies such as baking. “Finding crafty videos on YouTube or Instagram have helped make my days

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President-Elect Joe Biden’s Plans For Addressing COVID-19

Here is a photo of Mackenzie Euckland’s house where she displayed her support for Biden. She said, ¨I really hope that they make a difference because we need a change.¨ Euckland truly believes that our new president and vice president will be the change we need for our country to come back together. Photo By: Mackenzie Euckand Article By: Jasmine Alvarez During Joe Biden's Presidential campaign, he and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris had very clear plans for tackling the pandemic upon entering office. As of December 2020,

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