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Opinion: Fall weather is the best weather

YES, WE HAVE SEASONS. The leaves on a tree outside of the auditorium in from of Santa Rosa High School change colors. Article and photo by Mason Gaspar Fall weather is the best out of all the seasons and there's doubt about it. By the end of this, you will love the beauty of fall as much as I do.

Fall starts on September 22nd and ends on December 21st. During this time, the weather grows cooler, leaves begin changing color and different plants start to grow. With the cool breeze, it begins to rain again. I

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Halloween or Christmas?

Article by Andreas Petersen and Julia Sanabria Halloween or Christmas? A long standing argument, the debate between Christmas and Halloween and which is better, always comes up again during the festive season. Two friends, Blue and Watson, are no different when asked which holiday was better. Both of them present their argument for their favorite holiday in this thrilling narrative full of convincing and hilarious arguments. Watson and Blue start off by announcing their sides:

Watson: Halloween,

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Culture is not a costume: costumes to avoid this Halloween

Article and photos by Tara Elsa, editor-in-chief Races, ethnicities and all negative stereotypes of people should never become a costume. The Halloween season is meant to be fun, where we sit down with friends late at night and watch scary movies or go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. While there are many costumes that are fun and acceptable, there are many costumes that one should avoid when preparing for Halloween. Many have heard the term “cultural appropriation” but don’t know what it really means. Cultural

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Opinion: it’s time to stop celebrating Columbus Day

THE DISAVOWED EXPLORER. Columbus Day (or indigenous people’s day as it is known in other states) is celebrated every year on the second Monday of October. However, somewhat recently, Columbus has fallen under scrutiny primarily due to his awful treatment of the natives that were so welcoming to his crew. As more and more is discovered about Columbus I feel that it becomes more and more important that we stop thinking of him as an infallible explorer, and think of him more critically as an explorer who made important discoveries

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Opinion: DeSoto Bathrooms in Disrepair

FAUCET FAILURE. Left, the faucets on the sink in the De Soto boys bathroom swings freely in its socket, making it somewhat difficult to use. Water sprays all over, potentially getting clothes wet in the process. This gives a feeling of poor quality that hinders an enjoyable bathroom experience. Right, there is little space between the urinals and no dividers, making privacy almost non-existent. People have to move all the way up and practically into the urinal for any privacy, an uncomfortable effort no one wants to go

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Opinion: We Need To Reclaim The College Admissions Process

TESTS: OPTIONAL. STRESS? NOT SO MUCH. Hovering above Stanford University, this word map displays responses from 30 Santa Rosa High School seniors when asked: how would you describe the college application process in one word? Lola Cook explained her choice— evil— saying, “It [applying to colleges] made me cry.” This year’s college admissions cycle is similar to that of last year with most schools going test-optional but with more, if still limited, opportunities to connect with schools.

Article and Graphic by Molly

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Opinion: What the Texas Abortion Ban Means to Me

NOT ONLY IN TEXAS. Malaina Vaden (12, left), Abby Clinton (11, center) and Emerson Guthrie (11, right) pose at the September 9 protest against the Texas abortion ban, Senate Bill 8, at Santa Rosa High School. Clinton said that protesting was important to her because “an attack on women anywhere is an attack on women everywhere.” An hour after Santa Rosa High School’s protest concluded, The United States Department of Justice announced via Twitter a suit against Senate Bill 8. Photo by Isabella Damberger-Sheldon.Article by Molly

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SRHS Students Without Lockers Turn to Their Cars

Molly Murphey (12) stores her school textbooks in her car as many students do. “If I had to get my locker after school to get my textbooks, I would get stuck in traffic. By keeping my books in my car I can easily leave the student parking lot.” Many SRHS students also use their cars to store items as opposed to lockers. Photo by: Anthony Flores Article by Anthony Flores and Mason Gaspar A majority of students agree that it feels great to finally have in-person school, but with Santa Rosa High being at full capacity again

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A Rise In Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

A quiet place. The Bok Kai Temple is one of the most calming places that anyone can visit. In the 1805’s is when the temple was first open, and then later in 1880 rebuilt and renovated. ‘I love this temple, it is sacred. I have gone here since I was a little kid with my grandfather’, Daniel Wayne told me, a stranger but a constant visitor of the temple. Article & Photo By: Destyni Hayes Sadly, there has been a rise in Asian hate crimes all over the United States, including in our community. There have been many horrible

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SRHS Student Thoughts On The Upcoming Return To In-Person Learning

Returning to school has split the student populous in half. Some want to return and others plan on staying on distance learning, whether that be because they’re being precautious or because they prefer distance learning. In the poll, out of 30 students, 57% plan on returning & 43% will stay online. Senior Clarissa Diaz says, “being a senior who's struggling with online learning I feel desperate to get back and experience my senior year at the actual campus.”

Article & Graphic By: Emmanuel Vallarta A year

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