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Thoughts On The First Semester Of Online Learning

This semester has been one of the most difficult semesters yet. There have been many good and bad things. Everything is online and it has been very hard to navigate and to try to stay focused. Article & Photo By: Jaden Burris Congratulations! Students are coming to the end of their first official online semester. If I am being completely honest, I can think of more negative things about distance learning than positive. So let’s talk about it.  One of the main issues I have is staying focused and motivated. Being home

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Online Testing Procedures

Everything is online nowadays. This now includes the SATs and ACTs for testing. The photo is what came up when I searched SATs online ; a bunch of online testing websites for these kinds of tests. “ Shifting to online has been something that has been challenging us all.” said Mr.Kowalczyk. This means we must continue to learn and grow through the challenge. Photo By: Zoe Kowalczyk Article & Photo By: Zoe Kowalczyk Online classes have brought

obvious changes in everyday learning. New apps to use, new ways to

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The Worrisome Workload Of Distance Learning

Homework assignments. As students progress into the second quarter of the first semester of distance learning, many have found it challenging to keep with the surplus of assignments from their teachers. Junior Carson Cook says, “I’ve always been a fairly stressed person, but now it’s like a constant cloud of nerves that follows me everywhere in the sense that I can never escape from school work because there’s always another assignment or test.” Many students have experienced increased levels of stress, caused from anywhere to the

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Santa Rosa High School Virtual Dance Reviw

Dancing Through The Screen. DJ Dustin throws out some jams for everyone who attended the first ever Santa Rosa High School virtual dance due to COVID-19. While some students liked the dance how it was, some wished they could’ve seen the other people who attended the dance. ¨My girlfriend and sister, both of whom are panthers, joined to watch the dance on the TV,¨ said senior Nikolai Gurtovoy.Photo By: Tara Elsa Article By: Leilah Sterck This year, Santa Rosa High School held its first virtual dance. Due to COVID-19, the

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Online Grading Adaptations & Changes

Teaching on Vacation. Christina Grace, an ESL teacher at Rancho Cotate is shown here enjoying a cup of coffee while teaching from a house she rented for the weekend. Being able to teach from nearly anywhere is one of the benefits teachers and students are finding with distance learning.  Photo By: Ben Grace Article By: Conor Grace As students and teachers alike have changed from in-person classes to distance learning, there has been a myriad of difficulties for both parties. Students and teachers have had to adapt and learn

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Popular Online Games

“Red sus.” This phrase has taken the internet by storm along with the random burst of popularity by the indie game released in June 15, 2018, Among Us. With its cute egg like toe shaped characters and the social deduction based gameplay, this game is amazing to play with friends. In stressful times like these, it is nice to get away from politics and the disaster that is 2020, it is great to play a game with your friends as if these things never happened, and the accessibility of the game makes it a great choice for a party game,

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The Strain From Screens

Digital Eye Strain. Pre-pandemic school did not cause as much Digital Eye Strain (DES). If anything, students’ phone usage was the only major contributor to DES. Circumstances have changed, homework has switched to an online format, and along with this, DES levels have risen. he general public has suffered from this as well from needing to work from home. Now more than ever, it is important to make sure that students, teachers and parents take care of their eyes, even if this means turning on the Blue Light Filter on our

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Santa Rosa High School Online Clubs

Digital debate. Shai Fichtelberg (top-middle) practices with her teammates for their next debate tournament in November. In the past the team would meet in person to practice, but due to COVID-19 this won’t be possible until school resumes. “Some pros to online debate are it’s cheaper, every tournament costs money to put on and to go to. Online debate has also given more people the opportunity to join,” said Fichtelberg of the debate team. “Some cons are that we aren’t face to face so it’s harder to make an impact and

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The Pros And Cons Of Online Vs. In-Person Learning

Google garbage. This is the screen that every student sees each day instead of the faces of their teachers and peers. This is the screen that stresses out and frustrates so many teenagers. Freshman Payton Flohr from Woodcreek High School in Roseland wrote that, “It is difficult to find information directly relating to the topic we are learning about. There are too many websites on Google; it can become overwhelming.”

Article & Photo By: Tatiana Newman Have you ever felt lost and alone, scared in

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