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Is A Return To The SRHS Campus Safe?

In three months it will have marked the anniversary of quarantine. While many people find online schooling the new norm, others find it egregious and unhealthy since we have been distancing ourselves from our friends and family. Photo By: Jaeden Callender Article By: Jerral Agbayani As COVID-19 cases continuously rise, many believe that students should not physically return to school any time soon to slow down the spread. This virus, which has spread across the world since late 2019, has affected this nation and its economy.

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Problems & Outages On Zoom

Class disruptions. Displaying the huge outage that occurred at the beginning of the school year, the chart shows the number of outage reports on that day. Outages affected a handful of classes at Santa Rosa High School, causing students to miss classwork. “I hope they don’t happen again,” said Junior Khmyah Prak, “It was a bit difficult to catch up after that." Image from Zoom Article By: Tianna Cooke One of the biggest challenges everyone has faced due to COVID-19 is shifting from on campus learning to virtual learning on

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Should We Breakup With Breakout Rooms?

The set-up. History teacher, Mr. Horner shows off his familiar oversized globe as well as his new Zoom monitor balanced on a chair. He, along with a majority of Santa Rosa High School teachers, was able to return to his classroom— and his beloved maps— to conduct online class sessions. “My first Zoom day in the classroom, I was in shock because it was silent. There’s no class here and I feel like I’m talking to the wall” Horner said adding, “but now I’m more comfortable and I do feel like I’m talking to the class.”Photo By: Ashley

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