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‘Rocky’ Start to New Student Information System Rollout

NEW SRHS AERIES SYSTEM: English teacher Casey Elsa’s computer shows the new Aeries student information system. Elsa’s computer shows the limited access she has to her class lists and transcripts of years past. Vice Principal Andy Lieberman described the switch by saying, “it’s been rocky.” Article and Photo by Grace Payne Santa Rosa High School’s switch to a new student information system called Aeries caused major scheduling problems as students returned to campus on August 12. Delays in transferring data from the old

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The SRHS Substitute Teacher Who is Also a Gubernatorial Candidate

Denis Lucey, a substitute teacher at Santa Rosa High School, is a candidate for California governor. “I’m very appreciative of my experience as a teacher because I don’t think I’d be doing this unless I was a teacher. I really feel that strongly because I feel an affinity to do the right thing for my students,” said Lucey. He also explained that he is running for governor to gain publicity for issues he is passionate about. Photo and Article by Yasmine Sarraf. Have you ever been so passionate about an issue that you decided

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This Month in Afghanistan

Infographic and Article by Rubi Melo A lot has been going on in Afghanistan recently, and things heated up once the U.S. started to pull their troops from Afghanistan. Once U.S. troops started to leave,  the Taliban took back control over Afghanistan on the 15th of August leaving the country vulnerable. This new shift of power left people in Afghanistan scared, and many were desperate to escape the country. Wanting to escape from Taliban control and fearing that their governing will be exactly as cruel as before, many people in

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A Rise In Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

A quiet place. The Bok Kai Temple is one of the most calming places that anyone can visit. In the 1805’s is when the temple was first open, and then later in 1880 rebuilt and renovated. ‘I love this temple, it is sacred. I have gone here since I was a little kid with my grandfather’, Daniel Wayne told me, a stranger but a constant visitor of the temple. Article & Photo By: Destyni Hayes Sadly, there has been a rise in Asian hate crimes all over the United States, including in our community. There have been many horrible

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President Biden’s Efforts To Raise The Minimum Wage

Here Mackenzie Euckland shares her opinion on Joe Biden raising minimum wage and the new start to a presidency. She and most of the US are ready to experience a new president who will bring us back together.

Photo By: Mackenzie Euckland Article By: Jasmine Alvarez Within a few months of president Joe Biden entering office, he has made significant changes such as making huge changes in the COVID-19 pandemic, signing 17 executive orders that are major reversals on Trump's policies, and has started executive orders

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Wall Street v. Reddit

What happens when millions of people are stuck at home, unemployed, running low on government stimulus checks, and have the most powerful tool ever created, the internet? Apparently it causes multiple companies’ stocks to skyrocket, and billionaires to lose a lot of money. Through the tantrums being thrown by the wealthy Hedge Funds because their risky investment hit them in the face, there is a bigger picture to be told, a tale as old as time. Robinhood, the tale not the app, was seen in real life at the ends of

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President Joe Biden’s Inauguration

A new beginning !! More American flags being brought out to represent the presidency and what it means during this time to come together and fight the challenges we’re facing as one. ¨It looks more patriotic than ever.¨ said my little sister as we drove downtown seeing flags waving proudly. Article & Photo By: Zoe Kowalczyk On January 20th, at 9:00am, the inauguration of the 46th president, Joe Biden, was underway. It was, as President Biden said in his speech, “a day of history and hope, of renewal and resolve” and a

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Breakdown of President Biden’s Executive Orders

Take cover! A pile of masks ready to be washed after a week's worth of protecting. COVID-19 began almost a year ago and that was the beginning of the endless need for masks. When in public you’ll see an array of people ‘wearing’ their masks, Bayle Mansell, who currently goes to Maria Carrillo High School, said, “People look so dumb with their nose out of their mask, if they keep whining about not being able to breathe why don’t they stay home then?” Article & Photo By: Destyni Hayes Democrat Joe Biden is the new

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Overview of President Trump’s Term

Here, Junior Anya Fouts expresses her thoughts about Biden becoming the new president. She says “I just hope that Biden can bring the country back together, because we honestly need it.” Photo By: Anya Fouts Author: Jasmine Alvarez

Now that Donald Trump’s term has finally come to an end, many are left wondering what actions Biden will take to undo some of Trump's executive orders. In 2016, when Trump was announced

president, he immediately took his rants, and started posting his opinions

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2020 Presidential Election Candidates

Are you planning on voting this year? This is a ballot to vote for the future president of the United States. Everyone who plans to vote must learn about their options and be sure of the choice they make. There are still many who are unable to vote because of age restrictions but still wish they could. Melena Ward, a sophomore at Santa Rosa High School, Melena Ward, wrote, “I do wish I was voting this year. If I could vote, I would vote for Biden.”  Article & Photo By: Tatiana Newman Four years ago, Donald Trump won the

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