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“Songbird” Movie Review

While reflecting on our newfound COVID-19 reality, people rave about Adam Mason’s new film Songbird. It features the extremities of our own world, alongside an invigorating love story between KJ Apa (Nico) and Sofia Carson (Sara). This thriller-induced dystopian film is a must see on this year’s list. Article By: Dalia Pelayo-Mark With the countless movies coming out to our screens at home, I was shocked to realize hardly any movies revolved around our global pandemic. This was up until the film Songbird was released

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“Wonder Woman 1984” Ropes In New Viewers For HBO Max

WW84 Boosts HBO Max. Since its premier, "Wonder Woman 1984 "has increased subscribers for HBO MAX. "Wonder Woman 1984" premiered on HBO Max and in theaters simultaneously on Christmas Day, but the movie was a disappointment for some fans including, freshman Theo Kofahl who said, “The movie was terrible compared to the last one.” Article & Photo By: Evan Mirante With COVID-19 forcing many blockbuster movies to be postponed, one of the highly anticipated releases of 2020 was Wonder Woman 1984. It was released on Christmas

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Movie Review Of Pixar’s Newly Released “Soul”

“Soul” came out on December 25, 2020, on Disney Plus. This movie follows the adventures of Joe Gardner, played by Jamie Foxx, and Number 22, played by Tina Fey. This Pixar film teaches the audience about the purpose of life. Not only is the film hilarious, but it’s also heartwarming. Article & Photo By: Maddie Sanabria If you are looking for a good family-friendly movie to watch, this Pixar movie should be on your list. On December 25, 2020, Pixar released a new film called “Soul.” This film starred Jamie Foxx, the voice

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