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SRHS Country Fair Day 2021

Article By: Katie Jang Last weekend, Santa Rosa High School hosted a country fair day. The drive-in fair offered delicious classic fair foods, a car show, fair games/prizes, and an opportunity to look at/pet the animals of SRHS. The fair was open Saturday and Sunday from 11 am-7 pm. The pandemic has encouraged SRHS to have drive-thru events as they are safer than in-person events. While the limitations presented a huge challenge to those who planned these events, they have done an amazing job to accommodate and make these

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Popular Online Games

“Red sus.” This phrase has taken the internet by storm along with the random burst of popularity by the indie game released in June 15, 2018, Among Us. With its cute egg like toe shaped characters and the social deduction based gameplay, this game is amazing to play with friends. In stressful times like these, it is nice to get away from politics and the disaster that is 2020, it is great to play a game with your friends as if these things never happened, and the accessibility of the game makes it a great choice for a party game,

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