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SRHS Football Kicks Off the Season

FRIDAY NIGHT AT NEVERS FIELD. With a year and a half of screaming and cheering  filling the air as SRHS Football Panthers’ enter onto the field, all the players’ training and endless hours of work were for moments like these. “Nothing better than Friday Night under the lights. Go Panthers,” Coach Patrick said. Article and Photo by Zoe Kowalczyk Go panthers! Even with the changes that we’ve faced with returning back in person, especially regarding sports, our first home football game was on September 3rd, hosting the

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Concussions: Is Football Worth the Risk?

By Reece Wisler Concussions are prevalent in many sports, but it seems that concussions are mostly known as football injury. Concussions is a big concern for athletes in many physical sports, but in football concussions are being diagnosed at an alarming rate. According to, between 1.6 and 3.8 million sports-related concussions occur each year. Many concussions go undiagnosed so it is hard to calculate exactly how many concussions occur. Since the turn of the century, concussion research has made

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