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SRHS Mask Mandate Removal

MASK MANDATE REMOVAL:The Administration Office at Santa Rosa High School continues to provide people with masks and hand sanitizer, even though students and staff members are no longer required to wear masks at school. “I say most students in my classroom do keep their masks on,” said SRHS Earth Science teacher Shauna Langan. Some students feel worried about the removal of the mask mandate and continue to wear their masks, while others are satisfied with the Board’s decision to lift the mandate. Article and Photo by Yasmine

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New Coca-Cola Flavors Review

The Newest Flavors: The newer three Coke with Coffees along with the just released Coke Starlight. (above) The Coke with Coffee: Dark Blend was my favorite followed by Coke Starlight, then after that, Coke with Coffee: Vanilla, and finally, Coke with Coffee: Caramel as my least favorite. Article and Photo by Ben Sorkin Coke (short for Coca-Cola) has really been cranking out the new flavors for the last few years, and as an avid consumer of the drink, I believed it would only be fitting to give my own thoughts on the flavors

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