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SRHS Choir Gets New Teacher

WARMING UP. Ms. Tusa, the choir teacher, warms up her class in the choir room. Tusa is the newest addition to the ArtQuest teaching roster, she is teaching choir as well as guitar. She is looking forward to a less stressful year, “I knew it was going to be a transition for all of us, mostly for the students. Not that we’re unaffected, we I mean adults, but we’ve had many more years of social existence, and so I really feel for the students.” With a new array of faces on campus both students and teachers are looking forward to an

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Step By Step What To Do After A Car Accident

The Car crash. Car accidents can be devastatingly disastrous, traumatizing, and overall a lot to deal with. Not only with the scene of the crash itself, but with the aftermath of the event concerning insurance, police reports and statements, and simply just finding out what step to take next. Car crashes happen everyday, and in many cases are unavoidable. Know what to do next if you find yourself in a car accident of your own.*License Plate # Redacted For Personal Security ReasonsPhoto By: Sarah Johnston Article By: Alice

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Students Working During The Holidays

Tenjing Sherpa holds his baby nephew, Julian Alonzo. Tenjing and his mom visit him every week and baby sit him. Before Sherpa took this photo he was crying but Sherpa was able to cheer him up so he could take a photo with his nephew.

Photo By: Tenjing Sherpa Article By: Jaeden Callender With Christmas coming up in the middle of a pandemic, one can only wonder what will happen and how people will cope during a time when families and friends usually get together.

Of course, the best idea for all of us

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