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Dining with DeMattei: the doughnut debate

By Isabella DeMattei Photos by Isabella DeMattei Tan’s Donut Tan’s Donut on Fourth Street in Santa Rosa is the perfect place to stop and grab a few donuts. For the March issue, I decided to try a glazed and chocolate donut at each bakery since those are always two good indicators of the quality of a bakery. The donuts at Tan’s Donut cost around $0.95 per donut. Tan’s is cash only, so leave your credit card at home! Both the glazed and the chocolate looked good. The chocolate one was pretty decent, and was just your

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City Garden Doughnuts and Coffee

by Lucy Merrill Is the price worth the doughnut? The four dollar doughnuts at City Garden, in Santa Rosa, may seem a little pricey but the the quality just might be worth it. City Garden is known for their beautiful gourmet doughnuts and their fresh brewed coffee. The doughnuts aren't like your regular greasy, grocery store, pink box doughnuts. Instead they are made from a unique brioche dough made fresh in the back of the store every day. The fluffy dough is glazed with an assortment of frostings and toppings. From

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