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SRCS Board’s Handling Of Schools Since COVID-19 Shutdown

The Santa Rosa High School main building, which is usually crowded with students, is empty due to the pandemic. As infection rates go up, it is looking less likely that students will be going back to school anytime soon. The attitudes towards the district remain mixed, however, with the most prevalent one being uncertainty about the future. “There’s so much that’s unknown, so much that is subject to change. We have to be flexible,” said William Lyon, President of the Santa Rosa Teachers association.Photo By: Max Parrish Article

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SRCS District Hires New COVID-19 Coordinator

Mask on! After eight years being a math teacher at Rincon Valley Middle School and a year of being an assistant principal at Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School, Kateland Weighall was hired as the Covid Coordinator for the district. She is obviously the first person to ever hold this position for the district, and is, “very excited about the opportunity.” She was also hoping that this could be a first step to stepping away from teaching and exploring bigger admin roles in the district. Photo By: Kateland Weighall Article By:

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District issues continue in wake of protests

By Alex Hays Controversy has been a constant in the SRCS community as of late, with recent problems such as a lack of staff, oversized classes, and most importantly, no incentive to stay within the SRCS district. Many of these problems have been relevant since last year and have still not been solved. These issues were brought up once again at a recent SRCS board meeting, which took place on Wednesday, August 23, 2017. Many teachers of SRCS and members of the SRTA spoke on these issues, among which were former SRTA

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