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SRHS Debate Club nears the end of its season

Photo and Article by Robert Merrick Across Santa Rosa High School’s impressive catalog of engaging and enjoyable clubs, the debate club is one of the best, and most accomplished. The club was started in true force by coach Miranda Olzman with Casey Elsa as the advisor and Ms. Petersen, a parent who urged the club to become more competitive. In the early 2000s Petersen approached Elsa for her to take over as the club’s supervisor, in an effort to turn the club - into a team. The club’s former advisor, Andrew Brennan, had the

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Halloween or Christmas?

Article by Andreas Petersen and Julia Sanabria Halloween or Christmas? A long standing argument, the debate between Christmas and Halloween and which is better, always comes up again during the festive season. Two friends, Blue and Watson, are no different when asked which holiday was better. Both of them present their argument for their favorite holiday in this thrilling narrative full of convincing and hilarious arguments. Watson and Blue start off by announcing their sides:

Watson: Halloween,

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