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Vaccine Distribution Update

Here Junior Amy Genolio speaks to me about her opinion on the vaccine distribution. She said ¨I think that it's important to prioritize elderly people and people who are higher risk.¨ Genolio also stated that, ¨As much as I want to go back to school, I think it would be safer until most of our school population has gotten the vaccine.¨

Photo By: Amy Genolio Article By: Jasmine Alvarez Now that we are nearing the one year anniversary of the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, vaccines have begun to roll out to the

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South African COVID Strain

501. V2. The usually packed beaches of Cape Town, South Africa lay silent and bare due to the virus mutation traveling around the country. The Beach closures are part of the South African government’s plan to combat the mutation by eliminating all gatherings with new laws being put into place, closures of public venues, and the implementation of a 2100 curfew. “Beaches and restaurants are also closed and social gatherings are not allowed. I went from seeing friends and extended family everyday to barely leaving my own house.”

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COVID-19 Vaccine Release and Distribution

Article By: Xiaolin Cai In California, we are in the first phase of the COVID-19 vaccine distributions, and within the first phase there are three phases: phase 1A, phase 1B, and phase 1C, which determines which groups of individuals are prioritized to get the vaccine first. The COVID-19 vaccines are free. As the COVID-19 vaccines are coming out and are now available there might be some questions asked about the distribution of the vaccine. “Who can get the vaccine?” “Am I eligible for the vaccine?” “When can I get the

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Is A Return To The SRHS Campus Safe?

In three months it will have marked the anniversary of quarantine. While many people find online schooling the new norm, others find it egregious and unhealthy since we have been distancing ourselves from our friends and family. Photo By: Jaeden Callender Article By: Jerral Agbayani As COVID-19 cases continuously rise, many believe that students should not physically return to school any time soon to slow down the spread. This virus, which has spread across the world since late 2019, has affected this nation and its economy.

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COVID-19 Restaurant Restrictions

Norm’s Kitchen closes indoor and outdoor dining due to the continued COVID-19 restaurant restrictions. With the hope of reopening soon, many restaurants are only able to do takeout orders until at least February when the stay-at-home order is lifted. “I think [in] April we’ll be able to do outdoor dining again,” says Norm’s Kitchen owner, Nancy Elsa. Article & Photo By: Tara Elsa This last year certainly had a significant impact on everyone, especially businesses and restaurants. California Governor Gavin Newsom released

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How To Celebrate New Years Safely

Global pandemic equals no New Years celebrations. Unlike previous years, many will be watching the annual ball drop and celebrating New Years from home. Celebrations set in place in previous years could likely spread COVID-19 and so changes must be made to accommodate for these changing times. “At first I was a little bummed out that we couldn’t do any big celebrations this year, but then I realized everyone else is in the same boat so I just have to make it as fun as I possibly can from home,” said junior Khmyah Prak. Infographic

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President-Elect Joe Biden’s Plans For Addressing COVID-19

Here is a photo of Mackenzie Euckland’s house where she displayed her support for Biden. She said, ¨I really hope that they make a difference because we need a change.¨ Euckland truly believes that our new president and vice president will be the change we need for our country to come back together. Photo By: Mackenzie Euckand Article By: Jasmine Alvarez During Joe Biden's Presidential campaign, he and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris had very clear plans for tackling the pandemic upon entering office. As of December 2020,

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SRHS Sports’ Practices Being Cancelled

Masked Running. One section of the Santa Rosa High School Cross Country eagerly waits to begin their socially distanced training run. With a team of over 60 athletes, Coach Carrie Joseph divided the team to practice safely and distanced.

With COVID-19 concerns abundant in our current social climate, all athletes were screened prior to joining practice. “It has alway been my escape,” Freshman Cadel Sacher (In red jersey on right side of photo) comments. “It will be tough having to miss practicing with such a great group

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Transferring Schools During COVID-19

The COVID transfer. The two schools have worked together to the best of their abilities to help students transfer during the pandemic.

Helping students such as Roxanna Riscucci who transferred this year and Mia Farley who plans to transfer next year, navigate the transition. “They handle a lot of the process with your old school.” Photos By: SOMO Construction and Santa Rosa High School Article By: Evan Sacher Transitioning between two schools is a very difficult and intricate process.

A process which

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COVID-19 Postpones School Sports at SRHS

Delay of Game. With no games scheduled until at least January, the football field at Santa Rosa High School remains empty, but football coach Roy Keegan is hopeful that players and fans will be able to return to the field in January.  COVID has hampered SRHS sports since March when schools closed due to the pandemic.  “Other state high school games are allowing fans to attend using social distancing.”, Keegan said. “If we have to, we will mark off the stands so our friends and families can attend our games.” Article & Photo

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