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Basketball returns to the court this season

SEASON KICK-OFF. Coach Gomes, and the players not currently in the game, watch as their team goes for the shot. The girl’s JV/Freshman team had their first scrimmage Friday November 12, 2021. Freshman Keelyn Walker shared after the game that, “it was fun”. Photo by Julia Sanabria. Article by Andreas Petersen and Julia Sanabria Santa Rosa High School’s basketball season has begun! Like many sports, basketball had a rough season last year due to COVID-19 and all of the safety measures that had to be taken. This year the

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SRHS basketball team ready for the season

TEAM BONDING ON AND OFF THE COURT: Juarez-Rico, a starter, sits with the varsity team and a few other of his friends at lunch time. Lunch time has always been a good time for them to bond and throughout the year they have spent almost every lunch together chatting about basketball and other miscellaneous topics.

Article and Photo by Jaeden Callender With fall sports coming to an end, we turn our attention to what winter will soon bring us. One of the most exciting sports our school offers is basketball, which will be

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Indoor Sports Get the Green Light At SRHS

Huddled Up! The SRHS girls varsity basketball team huddles up during a game in January 2020. Girls basketball is one of several indoor sports starting in April at SRHS. The 2021 basketball season was postponed until spring due to COVID-19 restrictions. “I am very excited and grateful that we are able to have a basketball season and am ready for it to start,” said junior Erin Holland. Article By: Evan Mirante With the school year entering its final stretch it can be hard to find things to pass the time until summer. Luckily

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Virtual Basketball Practice

David Joseph (left) flies like an eagle. Jaeden Callender (right) attempts to counter David’s sweat-soaked ball before it reaches his hoop in a vigorously intense game of basketball. The two had recently played at Santa Rosa High School’s basketball courts to hone their skills in preparation for the season. “He’s just too fast!” exclaims Jaeden after being mercilessly destroyed 4-0. Article & Photo By: Jerral Agbayani Living in a pandemic has been one of the toughest things  students have had to go through in their high

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