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Musicals Available For Streaming

Oh Mamma Mia! People either love or hate musicals, and Mamma Mia! is no exception. Adding music and dance into a movie creates extra emotions and creativity that pulls the heartstrings of the audience. People connect with musicals because they allow the audience to sing along and really engage with the characters. Sophomore at Santa Rosa High School, Melena Ward, wrote that, “Mamma Mia! is one of my favorite movies ever! I love the singing, and the story line was amazing!”  Article & Photo By: Tatiana Newman Do you ever

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Santa Rosa High School Virtual Dance Reviw

Dancing Through The Screen. DJ Dustin throws out some jams for everyone who attended the first ever Santa Rosa High School virtual dance due to COVID-19. While some students liked the dance how it was, some wished they could’ve seen the other people who attended the dance. ¨My girlfriend and sister, both of whom are panthers, joined to watch the dance on the TV,¨ said senior Nikolai Gurtovoy.Photo By: Tara Elsa Article By: Leilah Sterck This year, Santa Rosa High School held its first virtual dance. Due to COVID-19, the

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Overview and Results of Santa Rosa High’s 2019 Mr. Panther Competition

By Avery West Mr. Panther, the biggest event of the year at Santa Rosa high School took place on February 9th, 2019. Mr. Panther acts as a male beauty pageant, the students look forward to this beloved event every year. This year, eight seniors were picked to share their special talents, answer questions about their last four years at Santa Rosa High and provide entertainment for their peers and family members. At the end of the pageant one senior boy gets voted to achieve the title of Mr.Panther. The night always begins

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