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Students Reactions to the New Integrated Math Classes

By Alice Brookston This year, the Santa Rosa district decided to switch from the long-standing curriculums for math classes, changing classes like “Algebra 1” and “Geometry” to “integrated math classes.” For the incoming students this year, most took the new curricular, known as Integrated Math. Integrated Math is a course with four classes, composed of a combination of all fields of mathematics. The classes are meant to be a more standard way of teaching students basic high school math, but the reactions from the vast majority

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The Best Solutions to Climate Change

By Emmanuel Vallarta Many screenshots of articles from The Guardian have been circulating social media platforms. The various articles state that the Earth has until 2030 until climate change will become irreversible. Of course, this statement is alarming and people question if it is reliable. This topic is not up for debate. The world is experiencing extreme weather patterns, from huge hurricanes to intense droughts throughout the world. Many people look at this and lose all hope. Climate change can be lessened by things you

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The MeToo Movement in 2018


Zemlja Franicevic

I am

sure we all remember the outbreak of sexual assault allegations against famous male actors, comedians, and politicians last year, as there were too many to forget. These allegations sparked one of the most powerful movements the United States has ever seen--the MeToo movement--a movement aimed at breaking women’s silence around sexual harassment and sexual assault. The movement went viral in October of 2017 as a hashtag used on social media to display the

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SRHS should recycle

By Emilie Davis Santa Rosa High School has always been known as a modern, progressive high school. Not only being in Sonoma County, a very progressive community, but being a very diverse, forward thinking school in itself. So why aren’t we recycling? Being a school, we experience an unbelievable amount of paper everyday, all of which could be recycled. But, due to students abuse of the recycling cans, and the lack of people to take care of them, the recycling program at SRHS has come to an end. The reasoning for the end of

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Lockdown protocol: how to protect yourself

By Emilie Davis Knowing how to protect oneself is a skill that has always been of value, but it has become more vital now than ever before. With the increased number of school shootings across the United States, we fear them now more than we could have ever imagined, but this fear does not protect us: knowledge of necessary protocol does. On Friday, August 17th, there was a lockdown at Santa Rosa High School. It was a false alarm, as a teacher punched in the wrong code on one of the phones, but it was a shock to all on campus.

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Substance abuse: the dangers of marijuana and e-cigarettes

By Katie Cederborg The distinct cotton-candy smell of E-Cigarettes alongside the skunk-like smell that marijuana spreads across campus proves that although “hard drugs” are problematic among minors, drugs that are less commonly acknowledged as problematic are becoming serious issues. Minors, many of whom have decided that considering the seemingly less severe legal consequences in California, these drugs are, in fact, “OK” are the central result of the mass epidemic. E-Cigarettes specifically, have been called the “gateway

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Spring ArtQuest Showcase

By Zuzu Morgan This year the ArtQuest Program put on an incredible spring showcase. All of the programs developed beautiful performances and pieces, with the entire night perfectly encompassing the spirit of the school. This year’s spring showcase opened with an unconducted performance from the string orchestra. Their rendition of Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 by Johann Bach was delivered with great precision and energy, and was an excellent introduction to the rest of the night. Afterwards, ArtQuest English teacher Annie

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The NRA: an organization for power, not democracy

By Katie Cederborg and Rachel Owen The National Rifle Association, created after the Civil War as a method of teaching young military men how to use rifles, was never meant to be so intertwined with the United States Government. In the simplest terms, the NRA has become an association meant to “protect” the way the organization defines the Second Amendment, largely due to the status quo. With gun owners spreading the notion that their “right to bear arms” will be infringed with gun regulation, people across the country have

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The Custodians of SRHS: Where did they go?

By Katie Cederborg and Rachel Owen Photo by Alex Hays The absence of janitorial service on Santa Rosa High School’s campus has become increasingly apparent as garbage continues to pile high from Burke Hall all the way to the Main Building. With students being seemingly incapable of throwing away their trash, keeping the grounds clean has always been an issue; however, the mess that exists on campus shows that there is in fact more to this issue than the usual disorder. The low number of these custodians due to illness and

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Spring Greetings

By Sammi Bellinghausen Photo by Alex Hays Spring is by far the most beautiful season of all. During this time of the year, there are many different activities to do. These activities range from hiking to finger painting the beautiful flowers which grow in the fields. Some common things to do is to lay out in the sun, spend time with loved ones, and exercise. Additionally, many people enjoy looking at the cherry blossoms, having a picnic, and planting to make sure there will be plants for summer. Many well known events

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