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Pets Pose As A Help For Managing Emotional Stress

Are pets helpful when it comes to decreasing emotional stress? After doing some research and interviewing a couple people the results might surprise some. Pets do in fact help to decrease emotional stress and calm their owners. “I’m more relaxed when my dog is with me,” Christina says. So have you noticed a decrease in emotional stress when you are with your pets? Next time you can see if you notice any changes in the decrease of emotional stress it might shock you that pets really do have an affect on your emotional

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The Strain From Screens

Digital Eye Strain. Pre-pandemic school did not cause as much Digital Eye Strain (DES). If anything, students’ phone usage was the only major contributor to DES. Circumstances have changed, homework has switched to an online format, and along with this, DES levels have risen. he general public has suffered from this as well from needing to work from home. Now more than ever, it is important to make sure that students, teachers and parents take care of their eyes, even if this means turning on the Blue Light Filter on our

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Students Staying Fit While Sports Are Postponed

Enjoy the beauties of Sonoma County’s many trails. On July 31, 2020, the Santa Rosa High School Cross Country team held a makeshift Cross Country Camp. While the rest of the team ran up Bald Mountain, sophomore Marty Geffner rode his bike up, since he was injured. Bald Mountain is one of the many places where you can run, hike, or bike in Sonoma County in the fresh air. “The best part [of the whole ride] was probably reaching the top and, of course, the view,” said Geffner.

Photo By: Marty Geffner Article By: Maddie

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Quarantine Food Trends

Whipped coffee. While coffee is already something half the population likes, this particular form of it became very popular over quarantine. This was heavily influenced by the app Tik Tok, in which the light, creamy concoction went viral. Article & Photo By: Jaden Burris

I have noticed two main themes throughout these past couple of months. We all hate quarantine, but we all love food and drinks. Many people who have previously disliked cooking and baking have recently taken a liking to it during quarantine.

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The Best Mask For COVID-19 & Smoke

Effective and ineffective masks. Carol Freeland, a retired nurse, stands next to her husband Mark Freeland, wearing masks that will keep them safe while holding a mask that won’t keep them safe. Carol Freeland’s past experience as a nurse contributes to the knowledge that she has on the effectiveness of masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I’m doing everything I can to keep myself safe for my family,” Carol Freeland said. “I hope that other people will be considerate and wear effective masks so that my husband and I can stay

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The Effects of Smoke Inhalation

As the fires ravage California, hiking and outdoor activities have proven difficult with the smoked-filled air. Hiking in places such as Spring Lake and Doyle Park has shown how the smoke adds a level of difficulty when it comes to venturing into the great outdoors. Trenton Cooper commented, “I have no words for what I am witnessing; the sky is orange.” Smoke cast out the sunlight, and small remnants of ash stick to your clothing and breathing introduces new challenges as well. Article & Photo By: Trenton

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How Covid-19 Is Affecting Local Businesses

COVID-19 has greatly impacted our local businesses. A local business that has been impacted by COVID is the restaurant Hang Ah Dim Sum shown in the picture. Many businesses were closed when the pandemic first hit us and are now reopening with new laws set in place. The businesses that can be opened are now opened with modifications, 25% capacity, outdoor seating, takeout and or delivery. The owner of Hang Ah Dim Sum said, “Business went down 40 percent.” and SOCO Coffee has also said, “Business has gone down 50

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Coronacation Activities: Teaching My Brother to Bake

Article By: Alice Brookston Over my family and I’s coronacation, I wondered how I should spend all the free-time that I had suddenly ended up with. Eventually I decided I would help out my older brother, Porter.

Now, I will admit that my brother has a load up book-smarts up his sleeve, but he also is quite lacking in some life-skills. For example, my brother doesn’t know how to bake much more than brownies from a box, and sometimes even that can be a challenge for him. So this would be my quarantine mission:

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Korean Comfort Food

By Aidan Ramsay With winter comes a universal search for coziness. Everybody knows the basics of a cozy blanket, a warm fireplace and a good movie, but in my opinion, the most important piece of the puzzle is some good ole’ comfort food. But these days, my go-to isn’t American food, or South American, or even European, it’s Korean. I say this because all the components I look for in comforting me on a cold day are found in their cuisine in spades. For me, these components are hardiness, flavor, and warmth. One of my favorite

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By Momo Mckamey The increasing plastic problem in the world continues to grow. According to Ban the Bottle, Americans used 50 billion plastic bottles last year alone, but only one in five are recycled. Santa Rosa High School’s very own ecology club helped out with this increasing issue by encouraging the school administration to install new water filtration fountains around campus, making filling up reusable water bottles easier and more accessible. Photo by Momo Mckamey The fountains have been a long-time effort for

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