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The MeToo Movement in 2018


Zemlja Franicevic

I am

sure we all remember the outbreak of sexual assault allegations against famous male actors, comedians, and politicians last year, as there were too many to forget. These allegations sparked one of the most powerful movements the United States has ever seen--the MeToo movement--a movement aimed at breaking women’s silence around sexual harassment and sexual assault. The movement went viral in October of 2017 as a hashtag used on social media to display the

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Santa Rosa High School Welcomes a New Principal

   By Seamus Fallon      Santa Rosa High School welcomed Dr. Kimberly Clissold as our new Principal since Mr. Coscarelli’s departure in June. In the school’s 144 years of existence she is the first female principal it has had at the helm. With over 20 years experience in education, Dr. Clissold is excited to start at Santa Rosa High. A 4th generation Hawaiian, Dr. Clissold was born and lived on the island ofOahu through her doctorate studies. Dr. Clissold holds a doctorate in Education Policy Studies from the University of

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Lockdown protocol: how to protect yourself

By Emilie Davis Knowing how to protect oneself is a skill that has always been of value, but it has become more vital now than ever before. With the increased number of school shootings across the United States, we fear them now more than we could have ever imagined, but this fear does not protect us: knowledge of necessary protocol does. On Friday, August 17th, there was a lockdown at Santa Rosa High School. It was a false alarm, as a teacher punched in the wrong code on one of the phones, but it was a shock to all on campus.

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Fire Updates: one year later

By Sammi Bellinghausen and Reece Wisler Late in the night of Oct. 8, 2017, a tragedy hit Sonoma County. One of the biggest fires in California history ravaged through 36,000 acres. The fire caused 23 fatalities and destroyed 2,800 homes in Santa Rosa alone. In the past year, many people have been trying to rebuild from the ground up. The rebuilding process has caused varying degrees of stress for different people. Some examples of this are insurance issues, money, finding someone to do the work, and how you want your home to

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SRHS track team sprints through the finish line at Arcadia

By Langston Hay On April 6th, for the first time since the 2016 season, the Santa Rosa High School Track and Field team proudly sent several of their finest athletes to southern California to compete in one of the biggest, fastest, and most prestigious invitationals in high school, the Arcadia Invitational. Accompanied by coaches Dough Courtemarche and Carrie Joseph, the team embarked on their competitive journey at seven AM. And thus, over the last weekend of Spring Break, Freshman Ana Wong, junior Izel Zamora, junior

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Spring ArtQuest Showcase

By Zuzu Morgan This year the ArtQuest Program put on an incredible spring showcase. All of the programs developed beautiful performances and pieces, with the entire night perfectly encompassing the spirit of the school. This year’s spring showcase opened with an unconducted performance from the string orchestra. Their rendition of Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 by Johann Bach was delivered with great precision and energy, and was an excellent introduction to the rest of the night. Afterwards, ArtQuest English teacher Annie

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The Trees of SRHS

By Emily Staten As we are swept up in the daily whirl of political news, technological advancement, and personal obligation, it is easy for us to lose sight of the world around us. Think about it: when was the last time you sat somewhere and just looked around? When did you last exist without any objective or purpose outside of pure connection and engagement with your surroundings?     We move, endlessly, from one checkpoint to the next: class, friends, homework, sports, sleep.  And each day, as we race to get to the next

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Hidden Santa Rosa: what is under the school?

By Sammi Bellinghausen and Isabella DeMattei From the outside, Santa Rosa High School is just another old brick building. Some don’t realize, however, SRHS is far more than meets the eye. Theo school has many different hidden locations that very few know about. This is because the hidden locations are too dangerous or inaccessible to students. Some of the locations are retired classrooms, old hallways, and storage rooms. We had the privilege of going on a tour of some of these secret hideaways lead by the former principal of

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Senior sets out to beautify school with Girl Scout project

By Star Mallamo On a walk around campus, one may realize some new changes around the math classrooms near Burke Hall. What was once a neglected patch of shrubs is now a garden, complete with raised vegetable beds and bark. This new addition to the school is the work of Moriah Plack, a senior here at Santa Rosa High. This project is what she completed to earn her Girl Scout Gold Award.  Plack explains, “The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award in Girl Scouting. To earn the award, a Girl Scout must complete many

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“Run, Hide, Fight”: The new school shooting drill

By Rachel Owen Photos by Rachel Owen On Thursday, March 29 during second period, Santa Rosa High School held a formal intruder drill. This new drill now stands in the place of a typical lockdown drill. In practicing what would happen if an active shooter was on campus, this drill enacts new tactics for surviving a school shooting. Given the policy of “Run, Hide, Fight” the Santa Rosa City Schools district has presented many students have asked in which situations each of these actions would be necessary. Run, is to be

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