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Amanda Gorman’s Impact on the SRHS English Department

Amanda Gorman graces the cover of Time magazine after topping bestseller lists for her three books, interviewing with Michelle Obama, and signing with IMG Models. Although these are stellar accolades, SRHS senior Blancaflor says, “Gorman’s best accomplishment in my eyes is being such an inspiration, representative, and bright influence for BIPOC around the globe.”

Photo By: Awol Erizku Just over a month has passed since National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman captivated the world at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

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Governor Gavin Newsom’s Possible Recall

Senior Aidan Ramsay spent his summer advocating for social justice reform and the BLM movement. Now, almost a year later, he is intersecting in his activism by calling for stronger and more transparent, headstrong leadership. When asked about the possibilities of Newsom being recalled, Ramsay said, “it's unlikely especially since no such [leftist] candidate has thrown his hat into the ring yet, so it's most likely that Newsom would retain office in the event of a recall…” Regardless, Ramsay continues to stay active in the fight

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New Year’s Resolutions 2021

By: Giovi Andreassi With the arrival of January 1st comes the sudden motivation for self-improvement, whether that means constructing a new workout regimen, eating healthier foods, or breaking old habits.

New Year’s Resolutions, while inspiring, are notorious for their brevity in one’s year. After a few months, or even just weeks, this excitement for change (often) dulls. So, why exactly do many people fail to stick with their resolutions for the new year, and how can you stick with your own? To begin, many

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The Environmental Impacts Of Christmas Trees

SRHS senior Zayra Escutia takes pride in her environmentally-friendly real tree and the traditions that come with it. “Picking out a tree and decorating it is always a fun way to spend time with family, and I’ve come to appreciate it more under this year’s unusual circumstances.” Escutia’s cat, Tofu, doesn’t seem to have any complaints!Picture by Zayra Escutia Article By: Giovi Andreassi Every year around December comes the time to begin the festivities of the holiday season. For those who celebrate Christmas, this usually

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Introducing Evacuated Families into Your Household

The fire victims that Jenesis Blancaflor took in shared the devastation that hit their home. Their loss in Skyhawk, while horrible, has not stopped them from keeping a positive attitude. Blancaflor added, “I was really inspired to be around people who could still find the good in this situation. My only hope is that the fires stop so that more of my friends and family don’t lose their homes.”

Photo by Ronald Taylor

Article By: Giovi Andreassi With fires becoming an annual occurrence in Sonoma County,

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How to Pre-Register to Vote

Jenesis Blancaflor was filled with satisfaction after taking just a few minutes to pre-register to vote. She said, “Since I am only 17, this made me feel confident that I was doing something important that my future 18-year-old self will thank me for!” If you’re under 18, make sure to pre-register to vote and encourage your friends to do the same! Article & Picture By: Giovi Andreassi With a major presidential election coming up, there has been a lot of talk about the importance of voting. Many people who are not 18

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Performing Arts Struggle During COVID-19

In the four weeks of putting on a show together, this group picture was the closest the cast of Pippin ever got to each other. However the cast - limited to twelve people - wasn’t complaining. Gibson said, “On the last day of performance, I finally understood how incredible it was that we got to perform during a pandemic and I made sure to give it my all and enjoy every second.” Gibson and his castmates were tremendously grateful for this invaluable experience during a crazy time.

Photo by Bill Meese.

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