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Debbie Sedletzky retires after 24 years

By Zuzu Morgan This winter holiday marks the retirement of Debbie Sedletzky, the SRHS business office manager. She has worked for 24 years in the SRCS district, and spent the last six years at SRHS. As the supervisor of the business office, Ms. Sedletzky manages a lot of the school’s student-based finances. “My favorite part of SRHS is my daily interaction with both the students and staff,” Sedletzky said in an interview. In her years in the SRHS business office, she has managed the funds for school dances, standardized test

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JC Classes: is getting ahead worth it?

By Katie Cederborg The conveniently located Santa Rosa Junior College provides extensive opportunities for a select group of students here at Santa Rosa High School. But, as Spring enrollment begins, it is important for students interested in picking up courses at the Junior College to consider the intensity of the courses they choose to enroll in. On top of the heavy workload that can be burdening in AP and honors classes at Santa Rosa High School, JC classes can be overwhelming, especially with volunteering and

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District issues continue in wake of protests

By Alex Hays Controversy has been a constant in the SRCS community as of late, with recent problems such as a lack of staff, oversized classes, and most importantly, no incentive to stay within the SRCS district. Many of these problems have been relevant since last year and have still not been solved. These issues were brought up once again at a recent SRCS board meeting, which took place on Wednesday, August 23, 2017. Many teachers of SRCS and members of the SRTA spoke on these issues, among which were former SRTA

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