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Seniors may pick up their pre-ordered books TODAY, on Tuesday, at lunch in front of the South Gym. All grades can pick up their books after school in front of the South Gym. Tomorrow, Wednesday, yearbooks will be distributed to all grades at lunch and after school. If students still need to purchase their books, they must bring $100 CASH to do so. Pre-ordered staff books will be delivered later today.

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Sexual Assault in Hollywood

By Seamus Fallon and Patricia Gomez In light of the recent and inescapable outburst of sexual assault allegations, the scarring crime, especially in the context of Hollywood, has been on the forefront of many of our minds. Long withheld accusations and confessions have finally surfaced, leaving many of us shocked and appalled. Shocked that it’s taken this long for these people of power to be subjected to scrutiny, appalled at the misogynistic and victim-hushing nature of Hollywood, and perhaps stunned that some of the actors

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Panthers help out fellow Panthers

By Isabella DeMattei Santa Rosa High School is known throughout Sonoma County as a welcoming place for all, and in the aftermath of the devastating Sonoma County fires, SRHS’s reputation as a caring community was resolidified. The students and staff of SRHS have come together in many different ways to help out the community. The High School hosted many Town Hall meetings for government officials and first responders to share crucial information to the public. Many students are also working with the Helping Hands Clothing

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