Homecoming Floats

By: Vanessa Zamora and Dylan Peyton

This year’s Homecoming dance took place on Oct. 14, and hopefully you attended. The theme for this year was A Night in Hollywood, and the SRHS cheerleading team planned the event. There was a lot leading up to the dance including the traditional spirit week, with some minor variation, and the usual Montgomery football game. This year’s Homecoming game theme was Pink Out in support of breast cancer awareness. However, there was an exciting new addition to the game: Homecoming floats!

Each class had a designated float with a movie theme. The movie theme for the sophomore class class was Princess and the Frog, for juniors it was Star Wars and for seniors it was Barbie. The freshman class got to lead the parade with Pandy. Float themes were decided by student government, but all students were encouraged to help. The students who helped with the floats stayed after school and sometimes helped during lunch. “It was really challenging to do, but eventually we go through it and got it all done.” said Karely Barragan (10). Some students created sketches and shared them with the whole group, and the group voted on the best sketch. The students who helped put a lot of work into the floats to make them the best for everyone to view. All the students who participated in the creation of the floats were given the opportunity to ride on the floats at the start of the Homecoming varsity football game.

There was some stress regarding whether the floats could make it around the field in a timely manner as well as whether the limited time set for the classes would be enough for them to finish the floats. However, ultimately everything worked out, and the audience enjoyed watching the display of floats. “I think it turned out great for the most part; the crowd seemed to like it,” said senior Caleb Pierce.

Hopefully, this is the start of a new tradition for the Panthers, and as students become more accustomed to it, there will be an increase in participation and excitement for the Homecoming floats.

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