Live action One Piece

By: Ian Cendejas Camacho

The popular show “One Piece” is an anime that has gone on from 1999 and released over 1,000 episodes, with some still being made to this day. Now, “One Piece” gets a taste of live action with Netflix remaking the first arc of the series in which the Straw Hats are formed. 

The show was released on Aug. 31 and has Iñaki Godoy cast as the captain of the Straw Hats, Monkey D. Luffy. The show seems to be loved by all viewers, with 82% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is one of the first animes to do well in a live action.

Since the show has hour-long episodes, it leads to pacing problems, when the show moves too quickly and the characters are in one situation and then 10 minutes later they are already doing something else. The creators did an amazing job making it look like the animated version. 

The fights in the show revolve around Luffy using his abilities to fight other pirates by stretching his arms and legs to fight. “I’d say it’s pretty decent; it surpasses my expectations,” said junior Andres Martinez. He agreed that the CGI used for Luffy’s Gum Gum attacks didn’t look too good but better than he expected, which is a common problem with anime live action adaptations. They tend to try to put too much effort to make it look insanely realistic, to the point where it doesn’t look real. 

With these positive aspects are also some negative reviews from the “One Piece” fandom about how they don’t like this adaptation for certain reasons. Fans claim that the adaptations are bad due to the actors not having the same look as the anime version. This is true, but viewers should also think about how nobody looks exactly like an anime character; it’s about the tone and personality that comes from them trying to act like them.

People also have problems about how the show has cringeworthy moments that make them uncomfortable. ”Some of the lines that were said for Luffy’s character I thought were cringey, but I also think about that it’s also kind of his character,” said junior Mark Messmer. 

In the end, viewers must understand that this is a show that was meant to entertain new and old people alike, and this is a show that I recommend to all.

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