SRHS Admin Limits Access to Student Parking Lot

PARKING LOT CRACKDOWN: Pictured here, the entrance to the student parking lot that is locked at break and lunch. Administrators decide who leaves and who stays during these times. Vice Principal Andy Liberman says that students have pushed the rule too far and that is what has led to this unpopular rule enforcement.

Photo and Caption by Grace Payne

Santa Rosa High School Administrators have begun cracking down on students leaving during break or lunch. Although school rules have prohibited students from leaving campus since the start of the year, students are now completely prohibited from going to their cars during break and lunch. When students ask to get things from their cars such as books, jackets and lunches, they are told to “get a locker” or give up their phone.Some days the gate to the parking lot is completely locked up with no one around and people can be seen jumping over it or shimming though the gap. If you do leave the parking lot, you can expect Assistant Principal Ms. Vasquez to take a picture of your license plate as you leave. When asked if she would like to comment on the situation, Vasquez declined.

This new enforcement of school policy could be doing more harm than good. “My friend has had allergic reactions and had to rush out to her car to get her epipen,” said junior Ava Johnson. It turns out new enforcements are putting some students at risk and it is an inconvenience for others. This raises the question: how far is too far, when it comes to enforcing a rule? And why is this happening? It is speculated by students that administrators do not trust them enough to go to their cars and return and that leaving at lunch is just too much of a liability for the school. However leaving is permitted if a student has a free third or fifth period and an off campus pass to go with it. 

When I spoke to the Vice Principal Andy Libberman, he referenced that Bible stating they didn’t have to write “Thou shall not kill” until someone was killed. Libberman said students have pushed the rules too far by doing things like vaping in their cars and even vandalizing cars. Of course this is not all students, but apparently it is enough to seriously limit the access to the parking lot. 

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