The History of SRHS Senior Pranks

WARPED BENCH IN THE QUAD: This is one of the benches in the quad that got bent from a past senior prank. “Quite a few years ago, a bunch of seniors decided to put cars across the campus in awkward locations,” says English teacher Casey Elsa. “They put a car up on top of these tables and benches that were used for lunch; they were fairly new at the time… and then there were Volkswagen wheels crushing them.” This bench that students use every day is just another quirky aspect of Santa Rosa High School.

Article and Photo by Caycie Clayton

As we move into the last quarter of the school year, the emergence of exciting events presents itself. It’s the time of year for experiences such as Mr. Panther, Prom and senior pranks! Santa Rosa High school has a long history of interesting senior pranks— from hilarious to disturbing, seniors always seem to come up with creative ways to leave their mark on the school. However, it can be hard to come up with pranks that balance being funny and without being destructive. 

Andy Brennan, who has taught at SRHS for twenty-two years, has seen his fair share of pranks. “The funniest one was when they released the chickens in the quad. So, all of a sudden, you had these chickens running around in the quad and people didn’t know what to do. And I remember coming across that and I ended up chasing down chickens.” Brennan mentioned.

There has also been the classic car assembly prank at our school: “There was the one time when they disassembled a car and then assembled it on the roof.”

Brennan believes the most important thing about a prank is that it has to be funny; everyone has to understand it and get a good laugh. “With anything, it has to be something that people look back on, both faculty and staff, and say that was funny, that was funny.”

However, there have been times when students have taken senior pranks too far. There have been numerous years when seniors spilled paint or wrote stuff. “ One time, they poured stuff on the lawn to kill the grass to write stuff, that’s called destruction of property,” stated Brennan. There are countless ways to go about pranks, so when deciding on a good senior prank, it’s important to be more creative than just committing destruction of property.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind who will be cleaning up after the prank. Our school custodians are already dealing with the copious amounts of trash students leave around campus; don’t give them more work to do. Dropping things or anything with glitter just makes an unnecessary mess.

The most important thing about senior pranks is to be funny and make memories. As Brennan believes, “What kinda defines a good prank is that everyone has a good laugh” 

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