Meet the dogs of SRHS

DOGS OF SRHS. Susan Gallegos, a Math 1 teacher here at Santa Rosa High School, can sometimes be seen outside during break taking her dogs out and letting them roam. “Watching them interact with students [as they roam free in the classroom] ,” said Gallegos in response to her favorite part about having her dogs around. 

Article and photo by Anthony Flores

Pets are wonderful! Some students and staff at Santa Rosa High School have furry friends or reptilian friends at home. However, we can’t just look over the dogs that spend their days on campus with us. There may be more than you think around campus, it just depends where you look! 

One of the dogs at our school is right in the main office; his owner is our Vice Principal Secretary, Sammie Sharp. Odin, who is a golden retriever, spends his time in the main office and can sometimes be seen taking a nap on the floor. Sharp got him in October of 2019, he is now three years old. “He is very calm so his energy helps calm me down as well,” stated Sharp, explaining what she loves most about having Odin around. During stressful situations, Odin being trained as a service dog for panic and anxiety attacks is helpful. “He can sense if my heart rate starts to spike and he will do what he’s trained to do, which is, distract me from the situation so I can calm down.” Stated Sharp while talking about Odin.

Going from the main office to one of SRHS’s classrooms, Susan Gallegos, a Math 1 teacher, has two dogs. Lily and Daisy, who are a mix of yorkie, maltese, pomeranian and poodle. They are now 12 years old since Gallegos got them as pups. Most students love seeing the dogs and when they go up to them it usually arouses happiness. 

The woodshop teacher, Kevin Costello, also has a dog at our school. His name is Ghost and is 7 and a half years old, Costello also got him as a puppy. “Breed? He’s a mutt. He’s a light German shepherd, pitbull… some kind of herding dog and a golden retriever I think.” Ghost fulfills many roles at SRHS by the side of Costello as he gets to be in the shop with him all day. “He’s a shop dog, he’s the mascot for the softball team, and he’s an unofficial comfort dog.”

There are many more dogs around at SRHS than just the ones that were covered in this article, but it’s clear that for many, having their best friends around even while they’re on campus lifts everyone’s moods. 

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