SRHS students weigh in on spring dance

Article and graphic by Zoe Kowalczyk

There’s nothing more fun than getting dressed up and hanging out with friends while dancing. While the excitement of finding someone to go dance with is fun,there have been obvious problems with having a dance these past few years. However, now that we are beginning to put the pandemic behind us, events such as dances are becoming hot topics but there are always downsides to these highly-anticipated events. The stress of finding what you should wear and making sure it’s allowed can turn what should be a fun night, into a stressful one.

Although there’s a lot to look forward to once any dance is set in place, there’s always a lot to be mindful of as well. There’s always stress involved whether it’s finding something to wear last minute or simply finding someone to go with. Freshman Gavi Geffner, after attending her first high school homecoming dance, said, “I think I had my expectations a little too high . . . It’s nothing like the movies because the music isn’t super good.” Inconsistency with expectations seems to be the biggest issue. Sophomore Dominic Graves said, “If it were to be as disorganized as last time, then I wouldn’t really go.” 

There’s always going to be something to worry about regarding the second dance of the school year, but there’s also a lot to look forward to. Many students didn’t get a chance to go to the homecoming dance at the beginning of the year due to the limited amount of tickets being sold (to limit the number of people due to COVID-19 restrictions), so this is an opportunity to have fun and experience what could be their first high school dance. After the year-and-a-half long break caused by COVID-19, it could also be their first high school dance, something that outweighs the worries one might have about the dance. Sophomore Mikayla Bayao says, “A pro to having a spring dance this year allows for students who missed out on homecoming to experience a high school dance in 2022.”The fun of planning out every moment up to the dance is a feeling that lets students take their minds off the closing months of school and focus on a fun, safe, social event.

Though there were many inconsistencies faced during the homecoming dance, many are hopeful this spring dance will be one to remember for the right reasons. While there are some students who feel that this dance will not live up to their expectations, many students are excited to see how this dance will turn out.

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