Simulation game Stardew Valley offers something for every gamer

Stardew Valley is a fun simulator game with tons of people to meet and lots to do. Senior Miles Beene complimented the game and said he thinks he likes the game so much because ¨I found it when I needed some escapism¨ and went on to say that Stardew Valley has been a great little escape to a cutesy farm town. Another comment was on the games gay marriage feature and that its always nice when a game lets people interact with dateable characters. 
Photo by Miles Beene 

Article and photo by Ashton Seghezzi

The simulation game, Stardew Valley, was released by developer ConcernedApe in February of 2016. Originally, it was released to Microsoft Windows but soon followed on other platforms. Within two months of the game’s release date, it sold more than a million copies. The music and art style that this game provides is beautiful and it’s why I think it is one of the most enjoyable games out there. It is also multiplayer, which gives you more options to have fun with friends when playing this game. 

In Stardew Valley, after you customize your avatar, players start out with a piece of farmland passed down from your grandfather. You move to a small town, called Pelican town where there are a total of 28 townspeople you can meet, befriend and even gift. When starting out, players are greeted by a woman named Robin and mayor Lewis, who will give you small instructions before you start your first day. Once settled into your new home, you are given 15 parsnip seeds by mayor Lewis as a starting gift to plant and then harvest for money or save for recipes. 

While interacting with characters you will earn hearts and eventually you can ask to date and marry characters. After marrying a character they will move in with you and each of them will do different small tasks for you and even craft and gift you items. Senior Miles Beene says he enjoys the villagers’ interactions and that, “The cutscenes are very cute and show the character’s personality quite well.” Each character has its own likes and dislikes and depending on what you give them it can affect your relationship with them. 

The game rotates through all four seasons and there are different crops you can grow and harvest in each season. You can also upgrade your skills in different areas such as mining, farming, combat, foraging and fishing. These can all be achieved by doing certain tasks in the game repeatedly, eventually, you will unlock recipes for items each time you level up. When getting to the fifth and tenth level in any of the skills you get to choose between two benefits that will help you more in that skill. Beene went on to talk about his favorite part of the game, which is the mines! He says “I like having a bunch of bombs and blowing up all the rocks,” and continued to say that gathering and putting away materials is very satisfying. 

With so many objectives, cutscenes and different people to meet and even marry in this game Stardew Valley has so much to do and provides unlimited amounts of entertainment. When I asked senior Beene what he would tell anyone who hasn’t played the game yet he replied with, “if anyone hasn’t played Stardew Valley please give it a try, it is a very cute game and is great for people needing an escape from their lives as a farmer.”

This fun simulation game can be played on consoles like PC or Mac, Xbox One, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices. Give it a try for yourself, meet some villagers, go on quests and have some fun!

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