Opinion: SRJC a great option to take challenging classes at low costs

Article and caption by Robert Merrick

For every student that is applying for and getting ready to go college, there are just as many who are lacking credits, looking for more of a challenge or who are looking to work towards certificates in order to start working immediately after college. For these issues there is an excellent tool right next door: The Santa Rosa Junior College.  

The JC offers hundreds of programs for dozens of unique fields, alongside many certifications. This makes it an amazing option for anyone trying to discover what career that they are interested in, or for any students who want to get a jump start on their career. This is even better considering the fact that the JC allows High School students to enroll into programs they would like, while fulfilling their graduation requirements, without needing to take additional classes. The dual enrollment program is also amazing for students who plan on entering the workforce right after high school because they can work on a certification while in highschool, or for students who want to start working towards their college credits while in highschool. Certifications offered by the JC can greatly increase the earning potential and job opportunities. For example, a nursing certificate requires only ten weeks, ten weeks for a potential salary of 60-90 thousand dollars!

While the JC is an amazing resource, it still has problems. Similarly to a standard four year college, albeit far less severe, taking classes at the JC that follow a career that you end up regretting is a waste of time as well as money, assuming you take classes after highschool. More significantly, dual enrollment classes end up on students’ college transcripts. This means that for students who take a class that is harder than what they were expecting, they can receive a poor grade that stays on their record, potentially requiring remedial classes. Yet even with these potential problems, the JC is a great option for any student looking for a challenge, or to start pursuing their career.

With the end of the school year surprisingly close, preparing for next year is crucial. For students who excelled this year and who are looking for more challenging classes the JC might be for you.

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